For H2W Clients

For H2W Clients

Online Resources for H2W Clients

Employability Skills Resources
S/N Website Description
1. Skills You Need
  • A website with resources on how to develop useful skills such as personal management skills, interpersonal communication skills, and CV/Cover letter writing skills.
2. GCF Global
  • A website with free resources for a range of useful skills.
  • IT skills: Computer basic skills, MS Office skills, Email skills, Internet basics, and online safety skills.
  • And Core skills such as basic mathematics, personal finance, and grammar writing.
  • Contains resources regarding work/employment such as CV/Cover Letter writing skills, Career planning guide, and workplace skills.

JAN – Job Accommodation Network

Disability disclosure and interviewing techniques for persons with disabilities

  • Website is a free resource for matters on workplace accommodation and disability employment issues.
  • Article (link) consists of a simple guide for disability disclosure and interview skills.
Biopsychosocial Wellness Resources

Disability Horizons




10 indoor exercises for PWD

  • The website consists of positive and informative articles.
  • Ranging from categories of news, lifestyle, relationships, physical wellness, entertainment/leisure, assistive technology, and work & education.
  • Indoor exercises suitable for PWD to promote healthy lifestyle.
2. Mindful
  • Website contains guides that focuses on personal wellbeing.
  • Topics ranges from mental health, physical health, relationships, family, science, and work.
  • Also contains guides on meditation; guided meditation and daily practices.
  • Contains a section on COVID with articles on self-care and kindness during the pandemic.
3. Instructables
  • A community-based learning platform for hands-on work that has free photo tutorials and classes.
  • Topics include craftwork (sculpting, 3D painting and mold making), sewing, and cooking (bread, meat, pasta making).


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