Career Coaching Programme

Career Coaching Programme

Career success starts with understanding your strengths and making choices to maximise them. The Career Coaching Programme empowers tertiary students and graduates with disabilities to make good choices through personalised strengths-based coaching. You will glean practical guidance and access useful resources for diverse industry sectors. Experienced career coaches will work with you to address your most pressing concerns as you transition from school to work.

Participants in this programme will each be matched to a career coach for career coaching conversations. You will receive up to 2 complimentary one-to-one sessions with the coach, together with resources such as your strengths and interests profiles. Topics covered include:

  • Gaining insight into your innate strengths with CliftonStrengths
  • Identifying your unique competencies
  • Scanning varied industries for opportunities
  • Matching your strengths and interests with suitable roles
  • Narrowing down choices and making informed decisions
  • Branding yourself and pitching effectively

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*Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only. Disabilities supported by SG Enable for adult services are: physical disabilities, sensory disabilities (e.g. visual impairment, deaf/hard-of-hearing), intellectual disabilities and autism. Tertiary students and graduates refer to those from universities, polytechnics, Institute of Technical Education and other arts/private education institutions. 

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