She has no limits!

Jasmin is using a laptop on her desk Gallery

Despite being visually impaired in one eye, and having lost the use of her left hand, executive assistant Ms Jasmin Koh has shrugged off these limitations, spending hours everyday on duties that require precisely the use of these faculties.

Most days, the 24-year-old can be seen in the office hunched over her laptop typing away, scheduling appointments for her boss or answering phone calls.

Within an impressive three months, she has performed so well that her employer at events company, Adrenalin Group, decided to expand her job scope, letting her handle supplies for stationery and the office pantry, as well as the area of air-con maintenance.

“Initially, I had no experience at all in doing the work as an executive assistant,” said Jasmin, for whom this is her first job. “However, I told myself I need to learn more, and now I’m more confident than before. I feel that I can contribute more and take on more responsibilities in my work.”

The determined employee is intent on making it work. “I see with just one eye, so I use a bigger screen, and magnify my Excel sheet to 125 percent. I have trained myself to type faster too although I use only one hand.” When pantry supplies arrive, she enlists the help of other people to carry them into the pantry.

Jasmin has been in the company a mere six months but is already making her presence felt. She is looking to take on bigger things, despite her disability, which she was afflicted with as a baby.

“Currently I just wish to continue to try my best in this job and excel in what I’m doing. Furthermore, if there is an opportunity for me, I would want to learn how to organise events! I live by the motto – I can be better tomorrow than yesterday,” said the eager employee.