Guidance through RISE Mentorship Programme

RISE Mentorship Programme

Do you recall how did your first job interview go? Going for interviews, especially your first one, can be a nerve-wracking experience. Aloysius Lim, 23, often struggled to find the right words to say during his internship interviews and found it difficult to communicate his thoughts and ideas effectively to his interviewers. Knowing that he needed to develop himself more in his communication skills and confidence, Aloysius signed up for the RISE Mentorship Programme, which is a 12-week programme where students with disabilities* from universities and polytechnics are matched with business managers from corporates, MNCs and other inclusive employers.


As Aloysius was keen to understand more about the finance sector, he was matched with his mentor Stuart Klein, a HR Director at Deutsche Bank. As an HR professional, Stuart has extensive experience about the hiring process, and is passionate about helping to develop graduates make the transition from school into the workplace and build their career. Across the 12 weeks of the programme, Aloysius and Stuart met up for mentoring sessions, which included networking sessions and mock job interviews.


With Stuart’s support and guidance, Aloysius went for several job interviews and he managed to secure a job as a Compliance Analyst at Arvato Digital Service. Overall, Aloysius felt that the RISE Mentorship Programme benefited him significantly, and he indeed had learnt and improved his interview skills, and picked up valuable knowledge about the banking industry.


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