Hospital-to-Work Programme

Hospital-to-Work Programme

Overview of Programme

The Hospital-to-Work (H2W) Programme provides persons with acquired disabilities* with support and opportunities to overcome the challenges in gaining sustainable employment. Support is coordinated through a H2W Case Manager who will focus support on a client’s skills enhancements or re-skilling, complemented by employment services such as job placement and job support.

*Disabilities supported are: Intellectual Disability, Physical Disability, Hearing impairment and Visual impairment.

With a person-centric approach, the H2W programme allows for a higher degree of participation from clients due to its focus on their strengths and capabilities, rather than their limitations.

H2W will help clients identify personal goals that are achievable, with each goal developed into manageable steps that clients can feel confident in achieving. Hence, developing their self-confidence, allowing them to participate actively in the larger community and contribute to society.

The H2W programme is administered by SG Enable, an agency set up by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, dedicated to serve persons with disabilities. Clients will be supported by H2W service providers such as SPD and SG Enable.

To understand more about the H2W, you can find related information by clicking here.

Who Can Apply

  • Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents above 16 years old
  • Fulfils disability criteria and requires other forms of health or social support
  • Assessed as motivated and with potential for work

How to apply

Applications can be made by suitable individuals, while Health and Community Care professionals from touchpoints (e.g. Hospital, Voluntary Welfare Organisation etc.) can apply on behalf of their patients/clients.

Applications would require copies of the following documents:

  • *Application Form (download by clicking here)
  • *Disability Diagnosis Report/Memo and Medical Information (Refer to application form for details)
  • *NRIC of applicant (front and back)
  • *Physiotherapy/Occupational/Speech Therapy/Social Report
  • Membership card of disability organisations
  • Educational Certificates
  • Resume (if any)

Submissions of applications can be made to SG Enable by emailing with the required documents.

Hard copies of applications can be mailed to:

SG Enable – Transitions-to-Work
20 Lengkok Bahru, #01-01
Singapore 159053

Application Processing Time

SG Enable will contact you within 10 working days upon receiving the completed application form. SG Enable will also update touchpoints who assisted in the application on the status of the application.


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