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There are various inclusiveness training workshops organised by SG Enable or other training providers that help prepare employers in hiring and retaining persons with disabilities within their organisations. If you are looking to send your employees with disabilities for training, please click here to find out more.

SG Enable High Impact Retention & Employment (HIRE) Workshop Series

Employers who are keen to prepare themselves as Ready Employers for hiring persons with disabilities can sign up for our “SG Enable High Impact Retention & Employment (HIRE) Workshop Series. These workshops provide a comprehensive and structured training framework for employers. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are eligible for funding from WSG for these courses.

The following are the courses under the HIRE Workshop Series:

To register for any of the HIRE Workshop Series, download the application form here and send it to We will contact you upon receiving your application.

View calendar for course dates and schedules.

Other Workshops

Communicating with the Deaf in the Workplace

This is an 8 hour full day workshop that aims to teach participants how to communicate with their deaf colleagues and equipping the participants with basic Sign Language for communication purposes. It helps trainees have a basic understanding about deafness, the basic dos and don’ts in communicating with the Deaf, understanding the sign system used in Singapore and the basic principles of using Sign Language, as well as the common words used in conversations and in the context of the workplace.

Hiring and Integrating the Deaf into the Workplace

Similar to the ‘Communicating with the Deaf in the Workplace’ workshop, this workshop aims to provide deaf awareness training to the management of an organisation so that they can improve their ability to integrate the Deaf into the workplace. This aids in enhancing the inclusiveness culture of the organization.

The funding for these workshops is limited only to Singaporeans and PRs. The participants will have to be full time employees of their companies, have to be enrolled by their employers and approved by the Companies for funding support before commencement of the Programmes.

Training Calendar

For course dates and schedules, please view the calendar here.

*Schedule is confirmed as of Apr 2019.

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