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Get Assessed

We will like to introduce you to BenchmarkABILITY™-Singapore, a Workplace Disability Inclusive Index jointly developed with Cornell University and supported by Singapore Business Federation Foundation (SBFF) for employers in Singapore. It would help employers like yourselves conduct a self-assessment on your organisations’ readiness for inclusive hiring and identify areas for improvement while providing practical tips and useful resources for employers.

The tool is a first for Singapore, and it can be found online at:

The Workplace Disability Inclusive Index covers the following six categories:

S/N        Index Category Description
1 Recruitment and Hiring Implementing key HR practices for employers to include individuals with disabilities in their talent pipeline
2 Diversity and Inclusion Creating an inclusive and diverse workplace with awareness education and advocacy
3 Accessibility and Accommodation Creating an accessible workplace and providing reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities
4 Career Advancement and Retention Ensuring that employees with disabilities have equal training opportunities to improve their skills and grow in their jobs
5 Compensation and Benefits Ensuring that employees with disabilities are fairly compensated and have access to employment benefits
6 Metrics and Analytics Improving an organisation’s disability-related HR analytics

Please refer to the attached user guide titled “User Guide for Workplace Disability Inclusive Index” for detailed instructions.

For further information on using the index and the suite of services provided by SG Enable to support employers in the hiring of persons with disabilities, please contact:























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