Get Accredited

Get Accredited

Introducing the Enabling Mark, a national-level accreditation framework that benchmarks and recognises employers for their best practices and outcomes in disability-inclusive employment. 

The Enabling Mark seeks to:

  • Incentivise organisations to build a positive corporate image with disability – inclusive hiring.
  • Inspire employers to adopt the best practices in building an inclusive workforce with leading organisations serving as role models.
  • Inform and support organisations as they improve their inclusive employment practices.

In the application for the Enabling Mark, an organisation’s practices and outcomes in disability inclusion will be assessed over 6 categories:





Leadership, Culture and Climate

An organisation’s beliefs, values, assumptions and how it communicates and commits itself towards disability inclusion.


Recruitment Practices

Fair and inclusive hiring initiatives and processes. It includes customising or adjusting the job based on individual needs in relation to the job roles and responsibilities.


Workplace Accessibility and Accommodations

Making changes in the physical work environment or existing work processes to ensure equitable access and opportunities for employees with disabilities.


Employment Practices

Fair and progressive human resource practices such as equitable compensation and benefits, learning development and advancement to ensure access and opportunities for employees with disabilities.


Community Engagement and Promotion

Promoting disability inclusion to the broader community through partnerships and engagements.


Extent of Inclusive Hiring

Measurement of the impact of all disability inclusion efforts on the actual hiring of persons with disabilities in the organisation.

The overall maturity level of an organisation across the 6 assessment categories would thus determine the Enabling Mark tier that the organisation will receive – Silver, Gold or Platinum, with Platinum being the highest tier.

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