4th Enabling Employers Awards

4th Enabling Employers Awards

The Enabling Employers Awards (EEA) is a nationally recognized award that honors and recognizes the efforts of employers in hiring and retaining employees with disabilities.

Since 2011, more than 100 employers have been recognized for their inclusive efforts and excellence, and we are pleased to announce that applications for the 4th EEA is now open!

The 4th EEA comprises of two categories of awards:

  1. Employer Awards – These awards recognise committed employers who have done well in hiring and integrating persons with disabilities into their workforce.
  2. Individual Awards – These awards recognise deserving individuals who have made commendable efforts in the following areas:
    1. Management staff who have helped to enable the organisation to successfully integrate persons with disabilities; or
    2. Co-workers or supervisors who have done well in supporting employees with disabilities in the workplace; or
    3. Employees with disabilities who have proven themselves in the workplace

Applications are now closed. Thank you for your interest in the 4th Enabling Employers Awards.

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