Why hire persons with disabilities

The poster shows the different business cases and reasons to hire persons with disabilities.


You can download the above poster by clicking here.

An untapped pool of talent

Persons with disabilities have various skill sets and capabilities. They are an under-utilized pool of human resources for employers to leverage on.

Provide alternative perspectives

Many persons with disabilities who have overcome various challenges in their lives, may offer alternative perspectives that are beneficial to the company. Their high adversity quotient makes them good workers with high perseverance.

Enhance company image

Companies often increase profitability by enhancing its corporate and public image. Similarly, embracing workplace diversity by hiring persons with disabilities could improve profitability via a public knowledge of your enabling efforts. Also, existing employees feel more proud and are committed to companies which have strong and positive social image and responsibility.

Improve facilities for employees

All employees get to benefit from the accessible facilities built for persons with disabilities. For example, better lightings that help to reduce eyestrain, ergonomic workstations, auto doors, flexi-work schemes, etc.

Valuable traits

Certain disabilities may enable persons with disabilities to have a valuable trait. For example, software engineering giant may hire persons with autism, as they are known to be very precise when following instructions and as such are good at debugging codes and testing softwares. This can increase productivity and efficiency.

Empower and enable lives

By hiring persons with disabilities, companies empower them to be more financially independent and strengthen their confidence. It also provides them a mean to interact with society and be integrated socially.

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