What support can companies get

We have listed some government schemes which encourage employers to hire and train persons with disabilities.

Open Door Programme

The Open Door Programme (ODP) is a government funded initiative by theWorkforce Development Agency (WDA) and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). It is administered by SG Enable. The Programme aims to encourage employer to hire, train and integrate persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Employers who hire PWDs will be eligible to grants and employment support services under the Programme:

  • On-the-job Training Grant to support employment and retention of PWDs
  • Job Redesign Grant to support re-designing of jobs
  • Purchases of equipment and workplace modification
  • Training Grant for skills upgrading of PWDs and training of employees with no disabilities
  • Recruitment and Job Support Services
  • Full subsidy for attending SG Enable’s Disability Management Workshop

For more details, please click Open Door Programme.

Special Employment Credit

​To support employment of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), the SEC was extended to employers that hire PWDs of all ages in 2012. The SEC for PWDs is set at 16% of the employee’s monthly income, up to $240 per month.​

Visit SEC website for more details.

Workfare Scheme

Workfare Training Scheme supports employers to send their workers for training.  The training grant covers 95% Absentee Payroll (no dollar cap). Employers can benefit from this when they enrol their employees in any of the courses that are supported or accredited by Singapore Workforce Development Agency.

Workfare Income Supplement encourages mature workers, and persons with disabilities to work with CPF contribution from employers. This increase your source of manpower.

Visit the Workfare website for more details.

Disability Management Workshop

This workshop is specially customised for employers, training instructors and supervisors, who are interested in employing and integrating persons with disabilities into the workplace. 

To register for the next run of the workshop, please email to the Capability Development Team.

EDM poster for Disability Management Workshop

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