Open Door Programme

The Open Door Programme (ODP) is a government funded initiative by the Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). It is administered by SG Enable.

The Programme aims to encourage employer to hire, train and integrate persons with disabilities.

Employers, who hire persons with disabilities, will be eligible for grants and employment support services under the Programme:

  • On-the-job Training Grant to support employment and retention of persons with disabilities
  • Job Redesign Grant to support re-designing of jobs such as purchases of equipment and workplace modification
  • Training Grant for skills-upgrading of persons with disabilities, and training of employees with no disabilities
  • Recruitment and Job Support Services

Apprenticeship Programmes for New Employees

Employers are encouraged to conduct job specific, on-the-job training for their newly-hired persons with disabilities. Employers can receive:

  • Funding support for each newly-hired person with disabilities in their job scope on permanent or contract basis (minimum of 1 year)

The funding support is at 70% of the monthly salary for the first 4 months, capped at $1000 per month for each new person with disabilities hired and retained for at least 6 months.

A one-time buddy allowance of $100 is available for the co-worker/supervisor supporting the newly hired employee with disability.

Job Re-Design for All Employees

This grant helps employers to recruit and retain persons with disabilities by supporting 90% of the job re-design costs, capped at $3000 per employee with disability. It can be used to defray the cost for the following job re-design initiatives:

  • Redesigning of job scopes or processes
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Workplace modification

Training Grant

Employers are encouraged to support their employees with disabilities to upgrade their skills through training.

a. Training Course Fee

Employers can receive funding of up to 90% of the course fee when they send their employees with disabilities for training courses.

b. Customised Training Programme

Employers who want to develop customised training materials and training programme for their employees with disabilities can apply for funding.

c. Course Fee for co-workers

Employers can receive funding of up to 90% when they send their employees without disabilities to attend workshops/courses to build confidence in working with colleagues with disabilities (e.g. sign language courses, disability awareness workshop)

Recruitment and Job Support Services

Employers who register on the ODP Job Portal, will receive recruitment assistance from SG Enable and its appointed partners. For every person with disabilities placed by them, a six-month job support will be provided.

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